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Deep Treasures of Tolla

The municipality of Tolla is part of the European network Hidden Treasures of the Mediterranean.


Hidden Treasures of the Mediterranean is a network resulting from an EU-funded project aimed at improving the tourism and environmental resources of the Mediterranean inland areas.


It brings together small businesses and provides visitors with various services as well as local products (gastronomy, crafts ...) selected.


The main objectives of the project are:

- the development and promotion of a system of "diffuse hospitality" of housing (holiday homes, bed and breakfasts, charming residences, etc.),


- sustainable tourism (hiking, cycling, tourist train, tasting of typical products etc ...),


... all for the purpose of positioning a new tourist product by making it recognizable and easy to use.


This system offers to improve the characteristics of each of the areas involved in the project: the valleys of Genoa and the valleys of the Aveto Park (Liguria), Barbaggia, Mandrolisai and the municipality of Sorgono in Sardinia, and the municipalities of Evisa and Tolla (Corsica).


The challenge is to attract travelers to these less visited and less known areas of tourism (facing the coastal overpopulation) by developing an attractive proposal with a tourism known as "SLOW", a tourism looking for unique experiences and a real interest in local culture.


The project is funded by the European Union through the INTERREG regional development funds and will end in 2019.



All information about the project and its partners is available on the site:

Who are we ?

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