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Tolla and the Prunelli Valley



True invitation to travel and discover our territories, the Prunelli Valley extends over the villages of Bastelicaccia, Eccica-Suarella, Tolla, Ocana and Bastelica.


It offers in summer a change of scenery far from the cities, in the shade of the chestnut forests, in winter, an extraordinary experience with the Val d'Ese ski resort overlooking the sea.


Marking the entrance to the Valley, Bastelicaccia is a small village offering many practical services: doctor, pharmacy, post office, bakery, petrol station, press ...


The media library at the entrance of the village contains a wide choice of books, CDs, DVDs ... and regularly offers cultural activities for children.



The charming village of Eccica-Suarella has its source in the heart of the mountains of the Prunelli Valley.


Its stone houses and its pretty roofs of orange tiles bring a touch of color to the greenery in which it is nestled.


Throughout the year, the village organizes cultural events such as the Plant Exchange, which allows everyone to provide seedlings and flowers for the garden, but also winnowing workshops that bring together young and old.



Located below Tolla, the village of Ocana offers breathtaking views of the entire Prunelli Valley.


Its houses and small stone streets make it a place of charm to explore, as well as its Church which overhangs the panorama.



Only 25 km from Ajaccio, the village of Tolla looks like a nursery. Its stone houses built on a hillside offer a bird's eye view of the lake.



Located in the heart of the Prunelli Valley, it offers visitors a change of scenery and homecoming.



Located 15 minutes drive from Tolla, Bastelica is a mountain village offering many activities for couples or family: hiking, rafting, ... In winter, a ski resort allows to enjoy an unforgettable view of the sea. sea ​​in the middle of snowy mountains.

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