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Places of interest

Saint-Leonard Church

In the center of the village, the Saint-Lenoard church stands proudly, the door facing East.

Inside, you can discover precious objects, including an Italian painting of The Virgin and Child with the little Saint Jean-Baptiste from the 17th century, and a painting of the Last Supper from the end of 16th century.

Real central point of the village, the Church Saint-Leonard greets every Christmas, the habitants of the village to celebrate the midnight mass. At the New Year, a big fire is given on the village square, where young and old share together a moment of joy and happiness.

Mercughju Pass

When you arrive in Tolla, make a stop at the Mercugjhu pass. A small dirt road on the right leads to the belvedere offering a fantastic panorama over Tolla and the Prunelli valley.

A small area is arranged to be able to picnic in this exceptional site. From there leaves also the via ferrata, sporting activity to realize alone, family and/or friends.

An opportunity to make beautiful pictures, not to miss for anything in the world!

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