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Producers & Artisans

Ludovic Marti

In the heart of the village of Tolla, Ludovic Marti is both a castanick farmer and a pig farmer.

He cultivates with passion a chestnut of several hectares to produce a sweet and fine chestnut flour.

Raised in the open air, the pigs benefit from the last bugs left on the ground, which give the fat the unique taste of the Corsican soil.

Le jardin des Abeilles

A few minutes from Ajaccio from the Prunelli Valley, Denis Casalta and his family have been producing for the past 6 years a certified organic honey of exceptional quality, produced from endemic plants.

An educational path winds through the farm, giving free rein to visitors.

The visit ends with a tasting in the pretty shop embalmed by the sweet scent of beeswax.

Corsica Pam

The family business Corsica Pam was born from the association of two brothers from the village of Ocana.

They cultivate aromatic herbs to distil their virtues and fragrances for almost 25 years.

Their products are part of a sustainable and certified approach. They are now known and recognized by aromatherapy professionals.